Rajshree Yoga is a Weight, Health and Fitness Centre based in Dadar, Mumbai. We provide Online Programs for other locations.

Over the past 24 years, we have developed unique techniques that we use along with yoga therapy, diet therapy, Sujok therapy and other natural therapies to help people lose weight and manage health problems at any age without fasting, medicines and side effects.


Programs We Offer:

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Weight Programs

Lose or Gain Weight without tiring exercise, and with food of your choice. After weight loss our exclusive Weight Maintenance Program helps to prevent weight gain.

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Health Programs

Health Programs are for people facing problems like Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Migraine, Thyroid, and more. Any effort to improve health on your part is an investment for your future.

Anti-Ageing Program


Our Anti-Ageing program includes face enhancement, posture correction, skin tightening and more. This will make you look younger and keep you fit and energetic.


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Being overweight or obese is not a single disease with a simple treatment and cure, it is the physical expression of a huge variety of complex factors and conditions. The only way to really tackle this is to work with individuals and understand their particular problems.
— Anthony Warner, New Scientist.

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